Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Father's Presence in His Child's Life

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Father's Presence in His Child's Life

By Russell Mosley

One of the greatest loves a father can ever experience is the love between he and his children. In its purest form this love encompasses the ability to overcome many of life's most commanding challenges. Love has always been and always will be one of the most important emotional bonding agents that links a father to the life changing needs of his children.

Even through its most powerful efforts, love is strained through the separation of a father and his child. When a father is absent in his children's lives he opens the door for love to escape one missed moment at a time.

When fatherhood is introduced into the life any man, life begins to look much brighter and the world begins to look much larger. Though fatherhood may often be introduced into a man's life as a surprise, if allowed, it can also introduce a new level of growth.

Fatherhood offers growth in a way that no other opportunity in life can even dream of introducing. It offers those special moments that life presents through simplicity. I've never known a father to not appreciate:

* when a child extends their arms for their daddy's embrace
* when the first words ever spoken by their child is "Dada"
* discussing the activities of the first day of school with their children
* experiencing their children's wedding day or school graduation

These are only a few of the special moments that a father experiences when he chooses to be present in the lives of his children. In making the selfish decision of going astray of our children's lives, we are actually cheating ourselves, our children and society of at least one of the greatest opportunities that life can offer.

The opportunity of choice. Children often learn and experience the opportunities of choice through interacting with their fathers. In return our children develop the needed habits and skills to both introduce new choices and challenge the wrongful choices that may be introduced by society.

Russell Mosley
Positive Share LLC

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