Saturday, February 27, 2010

Parental Alienation Destroys Lives.... Forever

Children suffer permanent damage from vindictive, hateful ex spouses who keep them away from the other parent. This is a pure child abuse by ex spouses who mostly suffer from Borderline Personality Disorders, Schizoid Personality Disorders or Paranoid Personality Disorders or a combination of these and others.

Collectively they are know as Parental Alienation Disorder. It is incurable, but treatable, and prosecutable.

The types of lies that are told, visitation withheld, and isolation and alienation are nothing less than child abuse - CAConservative.

Parental Alienation Destroys Lives.... Forever

The damage done from parental alienation will last throughout a child's life. The one person who was most important to them has been defamed not only by the custodial parent... but by the child as well. What a heavy burden for one to carry throughout their lives. That they not only lost their father/mother for life... but they played a part in removing that person from their life. My guess is that any child who goes through parental alienation will go through their life incomplete, anxiety ridden, and with many misplaced feelings.

Gary's own daughter will turn eighteen this year. She's been doing a series of vlogs on youtube, and to me they are quite interesting. She's no longer slamming him and burning his picture hoping that he burns in hell. No. She doesn't even mention his name. It's as though he never existed. She's all happy and everything... or so she seems. But I can see through her facade. This kid will have problems all of her life. Her dad was a wonderful father, and she lost him at 13 and she played a part in that alienation.... something she will either some day have to face, or go through her life living with a lie that will affect every aspect of her life. I feel sorry for her.

Alec Baldwin is not Alone: Parental Alienation Destroys Lives.... Forever.

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  1. I have one child now 17 I have not seen for 4years, a 15yo who is hateful and angry that I get very limited visits with due to false allegations of abuse encouraged by their father and step mother. I have one son 19 who has returned and confirmed that they were interrogated, encouraged to accuse me of abuse, pressured to write letters to friend of the court saying they didn't want to spend "overnights" with me, and told what to say and do when they did come to visit. I have an 11yo son who has been shut out by his father and stepmother and 2 siblings because he won't go along. What has the punishment been? I have lost custody, the court rewarded my ex by allowing him to move 2000mi with my children, and the court ordered me to pay nearly $900/mo in child support causing me to lose my home.