Friday, December 18, 2009

Parentectomy - via Fight 4 Fyrst (Parental Alienation Syndrome)


Parentectomy covers a large range of parent removal from partial parentectomt,"You may visit your Daddy or Mommy every other Sunday",to total parentectomy, as in Parental Alienation Syndrome,or complete parent absence or removal.
The victims of parentectomy are the children and the parents so severed from each other's lives.A parentectomy is the most cruel infringement upon children's rights to be carried out against human children by human adults.Parentectomies are psychologically lethal to children and parents.My son's mother is well aware of these facts yet she chooses to ignore them and has appointed herself as my judge and violator of my son's rights regardless of how this will effect Fyrst in the future.Any person that loves his or her child wouldn't subject them to actions that have such far reaching and dire consequences.


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