Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Psychiatric disorder may have led boy to fatally shoot father

Of course, this article was published in 2004, but the body of evidence supporting the facts that many parents alienate their children against the other is continuing to grow.

False allegations by women making claims that the ex-husbands are "abusers" or "batters" is quickly been outed in court as more and more women are facing brunt of the court as Parental Alienation Syndrome is being seen for what it truly is: Child Abuse by False Allegations.


ABC News

Psychiatric disorder may have led boy to fatally shoot father

Rick James Lohstroh, a doctor at UTMB, was fatally shot this summer, apparently by his 10-year-old son.

ABC13 Eyewitness News, Houston, Texas, U.S.A., Dec. 29, 2004

The 10-year-old Katy boy accused of murdering his father this summer is now the face of an unofficial psychiatric disorder that may have lead to his father's death. Some psychiatrists call it Parental Alienation Syndrome and they say that's why the son killed Doctor Rick Lohstroh last summer.

The syndrome is basically caused by a bitter parent who poisons a child against the other parent, usually in cases of divorce. In this case, Lohstroh's ex-wife, Deborah Geisler, accused Lohstroh of sexually abusing the 10-year-old, claims which were denied by Lohstroh.

He even passed two lie detector tests before his death. The boy's defense team may try to use the syndrome as a defense, blaming the mother for the son's crime.

Many psychiatrists believe the American Psychiatric Association should formally recognize Parental Alienation Syndrome as a legitimate disorder. But most mental health professionals don't think it meets the correct criteria.

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